Menorca (or Minorca), should be on your travel checklist next time you plan your vacation. is one of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Traditionally more low-key than its neighbors, Mallorca and Ibiza, Menorca known for its endless beaches, from miles-long sandy crescents to rocky, turquoise-watered bays called “calas.”

One of the most beautiful of the Spanish islands, Menorca is best explored in summer. One of the most idyllic and unspoiled places in the world to travel, there is no doubt that Menorca is going to be a fun trip that leaves you totally spellbound at the natural beauty that it has to offer. In winter, most of the hotels and attractions remain closed. Hence, if you want a cool summer holiday destination this season, pack your bags and leave for Menorca right now. Catch a plane or simply move in to the island in a ferry that makes you feel amazed at its turquoise seas.



Menorca is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a quiet vacation near the beach. Forget about the crowds of Ibiza and Mallorca. Menorca is all about relaxing on the beaches and just enjoying a toned down holiday. The white sand of the bay is perfect for anyone who wants to reconnect with nature. There are some Bronze Age sites like Trepuco, Torralba d’en Salord, Torre d’en Galmes and Naveta d’es Tudons which contain ‘Taula’ and megalithic chambers as well. To protect its environment, especially the Parch Natural S’Albufera d’es Grau Wetlands, UNESCO has declared it as a Biosphere Reserve.


You can go sailing, enjoy paddle boarding or simply opt for swimming. Kayaking and diving are also very popular here. Hiking is also quite popular along the coast. Therefore, you will never be short of options when you are here in Menorca. Ciutadella is one of the most popular towns in this region and you must visit it for sure. Mahon is another one of the town that you should visit in Menorca. Everyone likes the slow and easy ways of life here.


The other beautiful places that you visit in Menorca are St. Philip’s Castle, La Mola Fortress, Lazareto, Fort Marlborough, Military Museum, Museu de Menorca, Punta Nati Lighthouse, Favatrix LighthouseThe Old Radio Station Corner, Cavalleria Lighthouse, Cycling Museum of Menorca, Menorcan Cheese Museum and many more. Menorca never fails to amaze you. You can also go to Monte Toro which is the highest spot in Menorca. For a great summer evening, visit Cales Fonts.

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